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“How To” pitch effectively: With former CY Young award winner Tom Glavine

In the next edition of our Pro Tips series, I sat down with former NL CY Young award winner Tom Glavine to discuss all things pitching.


Tom Glavine was known for hitting his spots and getting batters out.  He didn’t have the power fastball of Randy Johnson or the disappearing splitter of Roger Clemens.  One… Continue reading

“How To” be an effective Pitcher: With Houston Astros’ starter Bud Norris

In the installment of our “Pro Tips” series, we sat down with Houston Astros pitcher Bud Norris to discuss all things baseball.

Bud Norris Pitching (Courtesy of blogchron.jpg)

Bud’s favorite pitch to throw is the fastball because he can generate a lot of speed with the pitch. However speed isn’t everything as Bud explained. “Locating the… Continue reading

“How To” be a Leader: With former Twins’ Pitcher Frankie Rodriguez

 In the next installment of our “Pro Tips” series, I sat down with former Major League pitcher Frankie Rodriguez to discuss all things baseball.

Frankie Rodriguez (Courtesy of baseballalmanac.com)

Frankie is a self determined individual. He told me “ The only person that every really inspired me was the person in my mirror. In the end… Continue reading

How to be a Great Hitter: With Baseball Hall of Famer Wade Boggs

All aspiring baseball players one day dream of playing the game professionally. However in order to achieve that dream, young players must master the fundamentals of the game. Kids especially need to practice the fundamentals in order to have a chance at the show. In order to better them in practice, it can help to hear the… Continue reading

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