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Derek Jeter

Bergenfield Bears 2015: Malik Little, Jr.

Anyone who follows baseball has heard the well-known baseball maxim, “Baseball is a simple game; you see the ball, you hit the ball.” Although that quote comes from the 1988 movie, “Bull Durham,” it’s really an extended paraphrase of Pete Rose’s best piece of advice to aspiring young hitters.

Quote from the legendary Pete Rose

Once… Continue reading

Bergenfield Bears 2015: Luke Beckles

In the universal family of baseball even fierce competitors build friendships that last entire playing careers and beyond. Classic rivals have always formed within the same teams as well as on opposing teams. Many morphed into classic friendships during and after their playing days. Among them, NY Giants’ manager John McGraw and ace pitcher Christy Mathewson,… Continue reading

Bergenfield Bears 2015: Julian Pinto

Of all the Bears players who formed Bergenfield’s inaugural Cooperstown travel team, Julian Pinto sits right up there as one of the true ‘gamers’ on the squad. The 5’1” (make sure to remember that 1”) 99 lb. SS-3B-2B likes playing baseball “because I love sports and team comradeship.” He also likes playing travel games because “I… Continue reading

Bergenfield Bears 2015: Giovani Gomez

Make no mistake, when Giovani Gomez dons his uniform and takes the field, he comes to play. The 5’4” 130 lb. LF-3B-1B-P-C for the inaugural Cooperstown Bears travel team likes playing baseball “because it requires Skill, Attitude, Focus, and Effort.” Although he might not have intended it, his view of the game reflects a common term… Continue reading

Bergenfield Bears 2015: Carmelo Dube

It’s been said that baseball is a universal family. If anyone personifies that concept, Carmelo Dube would certainly be one of them. He plays baseball “for the love, fun and passion of the game (and) to travel to different towns and meet new people.” Wherever he goes, as long as it’s to play baseball, he feels… Continue reading

Bergenfield Bears 2015: Alejandro Penafiel

Team leaders emerge when they are needed. They rise to the occasion when no one else does or can, and they exhibit attributes such as discipline, perseverance, and teamwork. They do not get caught up in or distracted by statistics or personalities, they simply go out and perform and inspire others to do the same.

Alejandro… Continue reading

Bergenfield Bears 2015: Allan Jasper Viray

You would think that four years spent preparing for anything makes a person as well prepared as possible. Isn’t that why a typical high school curriculum and a standard college undergraduate program last four years each? If so, then AJ Viray has had sufficient preparation to play Little League Baseball.

That’s how long ago the Bears’… Continue reading

Bergenfield Bears 2015: Andy DeLeon

We have often heard that leaders are not born, but they emerge when the time requires it. Andy DeLeon is one of those players who shows up and steps up when his team needs him the most. Just ask his teammates on any of several championship teams where he has contributed. You could start with his… Continue reading

Ty Chapman, Colorado Aces 2015

Whoever said, “If it’s worth doing, it’s worth doing right,” must have had player Ty Chapman in mind. What else would you expect from a young player who has already achieved recognition as one of the best players in his Babe Ruth League?

What else would you expect from a young player whose stated goals include… Continue reading

Cale Lansville, Colorado Aces 2015

Every once in a while someone in youth sports gets it. We mean of course that preparing kids for life forms the essential purpose of youth sports. Sometimes a parent will surprise you by encouraging a son or a daughter to play fair and show sportsmanship to an opponent. Occasionally we will see a coach teach… Continue reading

T. J. Rheem, Colorado Aces 2015

Everyone knows the expression “A Chip off the Old Block.” In T.J. Rheem’s case, the reference pertains to hard work and hustle. His Dad, Walker Rheem, did not ascend to the rank of Vice President of Sales in his company without hard word and determination. That lesson has not escaped the young P-3B.

It did not… Continue reading

Jackson Szmul, Colorado Aces 2015

Lovers of baseball come in all shapes and sizes, and they span every generation. P-OF-1B Jackson Szmul of the Colorado Aces stands 4’11” and weighs 97 lbs. but his love for the game is much taller and significantly larger. It has to be. At 12 years-old he states that he has played baseball “for ten years.”… Continue reading

Baseball Says Goodbye to Two Class Acts

Last Sunday marked the end for the 2014 MLB regular season campaign. But it also marked the end for two of the game’s greatest for the Yankee shortstop, Derek Jeter and White Sox first baseman, Paul Konerko. Both players will surely be getting a phone call from Cooperstown in the near future. Jeter and Konerko were… Continue reading

Are Spring Training games worth watching?

A problem I run into as a baseball fan is determining when the season starts. Officially the regular season starts March 31st. However many passionate baseball fans feel differently. As for myself, the baseball season starts when I can watch the first Yankees’ Spring Training game in February.

George Steinbrenner Field (Courtesy of goflorida.about.com)

Many… Continue reading

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