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The Best Single Person Baseball Drills: By Matthew T. Barrett

Welcome to Mid-March in the amateur baseball season. The days are longer, and the Sun is shining brighter. For many middle-school and high-school athletes across New Jersey, tryout season is over and it’s time to prepare for the regular season. The next few weeks until opening day can be the most important days of the season.… Continue reading

Tommy John speaks on Godfather of Tommy John surgery: Dr. Frank Jobe dies at 88 (EXCLUSIVE)

Dr. Frank Jobe, the man who performed the first “Tommy John” surgery, passed away on Thursday morning at the age of 88.

“He was operated on in January for ruptured diverticulitis,” said Tommy John, who did a phone interview with Sports World News on Thursday evening. “I went to see him about two weeks ago and… Continue reading

Baseball with Matt: Ryne Sandberg Edition

Hey baseball fans!

Ryne Sandberg: A True Cub (Courtesy of centerfieldgate.com)


Matt Nadel here of Baseball with Matt with some more on the history of America’s Pastime. As it has been announced, Charlie Manuel was just fired from his job as manager of the Phillies and was replaced with Ryne Sandberg. I know what some… Continue reading

Oh vs. Aaron: Sluggers Unite in the Land of the Rising Sun

 Home Runs have symbolized the essence of baseball over the last ninety years. When Babe Ruth’s bat first met an opposing fast ball, the game of baseball begun a new. Home runs were once considered worthless and unnecessary. Baseball greats like Ty Cobb and Tris Speaker built their careers on the smarts within baseball; bunting,… Continue reading

Duke Snider: Brooklyn Born; Shea (or Polo) Goodbye

 Those people like myself who never saw Duke Snider play baseball missed out on a real Hall of Famer. Though many considered Snider the third best outfielder in New York during his career, he was a legend. Snider’s raw power and clutch hitting led the Dodgers year after year. His leadership both on and off… Continue reading

The Beginning and the End: Hall of Fame Careers Intertwine

 It is often Legends of the game find their careers overlapping. Heroes of the past make way for the Greats of the future. For instance Hall of Fame catchers Billy Dickey and Yogi Berra were teammates during the 1946 season. Joe DiMaggio and Mickey Mantle were teammates in 1951. Heck even Don Mattingly and Derek… Continue reading

Baseball with Matt: Tim Salmon

Hey baseball fans!


Matt Nadel here of Baseball with Matt with some more of the history of America’s Pastime. Did you know that the Angels won the World Series in seven games in 2002 against the Giants? Well, if you didn’t, you just learned something new. Here’s another fun fact about the 2002 Angels: that… Continue reading

“How To” pitch effectively: With former CY Young award winner Tom Glavine

In the next edition of our Pro Tips series, I sat down with former NL CY Young award winner Tom Glavine to discuss all things pitching.


Tom Glavine was known for hitting his spots and getting batters out.  He didn’t have the power fastball of Randy Johnson or the disappearing splitter of Roger Clemens.… Continue reading

Happy Father’s Day! “Contest”

New Jersey Baseball Magazine would like to wish all fathers, grandfathers, and great grandfathers a “Happy Father’s Day!!!” Whether you’re at the ballpark, at home, on the road etc, we hope you enjoy a wonderful Father’s Day!

Happy Father’s Day! (Courtesy of daddybrain.wordpress.com)

Below are a list of Father-Son combinations from Major League Baseball history. Comment… Continue reading

Pat Donohue’s Remarkable Return to the Mound: By Ray Nesto

During his freshman year, as a starting varsity basketball player, Bordentown Regional High School’s Pat Donohue would have never imagined he would be the ace of the baseball’s teams pitching staff come his senior year. Although Pat was very talented as a little league player, he decided to stop playing after eighth grade in order to… Continue reading

“How To” be an effective Pitcher: With Houston Astros’ starter Bud Norris

In the installment of our “Pro Tips” series, we sat down with Houston Astros pitcher Bud Norris to discuss all things baseball.

Bud Norris Pitching (Courtesy of blogchron.jpg)

Bud’s favorite pitch to throw is the fastball because he can generate a lot of speed with the pitch. However speed isn’t everything as Bud explained. “… Continue reading

“How To” be a Leader: With former Twins’ Pitcher Frankie Rodriguez

 In the next installment of our “Pro Tips” series, I sat down with former Major League pitcher Frankie Rodriguez to discuss all things baseball.

Frankie Rodriguez (Courtesy of baseballalmanac.com)

Frankie is a self determined individual. He told me “ The only person that every really inspired me was the person in my mirror. In the… Continue reading

A Baseball Family: The 2013 MLB Draft

 The 2013 Major League Baseball draft featured different players from all across the world uniting for the common dream of making the Major Leagues. Each player that signs with a team hopes to one day make the Major Leagues; a once in a life time opportunity. However some players I n this year’s draft were… Continue reading

Barnstorming Baseball: New Jersey Edition

There was no hitting combination more feared in the 1920’s then Babe Ruth and Lou Gehrig.  Pitchers would have nightmares if they had to face Ruth or Gehrig.  Babe Ruth was the sultan of swat; a man who never met a fastball he didn’t like.  Lou Gehrig was the model for baseball excellence;… Continue reading

Baseball with Matt: “Mr. What’s a Strikeout?”

Hey baseball fans!


Matt Nadel here of Baseball with Matt with some more on the history of America’s National Pastime. How many times do you think Hall of Famer Reggie Jackson struck out? The answer is 2,597, a record for most times struck out. Now how many times do you think Hall of Famer Joe… Continue reading

Batter Up! A Perfect Fit Helps You Swing for the Fences: By Dan Shepler

The difference between grounding out and smashing a hit might very well come down to the right bat. With more options than ever, finding the right fit for your physique and hitting style can be a challenge. Here are some simple tips to help boost your stats.

Which Bat is right for you? (Courtesy of shopping.yahoo.com)… Continue reading

Miguel Cabrera is the Joe DiMaggio of this Generation

Joe DiMaggio is widely considered to be the greatest right handed hitter in the history of Major League Baseball. To say anything in the New York area is considered blasphemous and punishable by banishment. My grandfather once told me that it was a privilege and honor to watch Joe DiMaggio swing the bat. It’s been a… Continue reading

Knowledge is Adorable: An 18 month old girl recites Baseball History

 I’m nineteen years old. My colleague Matt Nadel is fourteen years old. Without bragging, I consider us to be up and coming baseball historians. However while Matt and I show youthful exuberance in the work force, I feel we may have met out match.

18 month year old CC (Courtesy of blacksportsonline.com)

Matt Nadel tweeted… Continue reading

Baseball with Matt: Sam McDowell

Hey baseball fans!


Matt Nadel here of Baseball with Matt with some more baseball history. I know that the Indians don’t have the greatest history of producing winning pitchers, except for Bob Feller and Satchel Paige. However, there was a certain pitcher on Cleveland that was pretty good, and if he had been on a… Continue reading

Baseball with Matt: Sandy Alderson Interview

Hey baseball fans!

I have another interview for you! It is with Mets General Manager Sandy Alderson! I actually got to interview him live at his office in Citi Field and the video of the interview is on YouTube!

However, I’m not sure that you all know about Sandy’s history, so read the following paragraph in… Continue reading

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