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Baseball Hall of Fame

Baseball with Matt: Ryne Sandberg Edition

Hey baseball fans!

Ryne Sandberg: A True Cub (Courtesy of centerfieldgate.com)


Matt Nadel here of Baseball with Matt with some more on the history of America’s Pastime. As it has been announced, Charlie Manuel was just fired from his job as manager of the Phillies and was replaced with Ryne Sandberg. I know what some… Continue reading

The Beginning and the End: Hall of Fame Careers Intertwine

 It is often Legends of the game find their careers overlapping. Heroes of the past make way for the Greats of the future. For instance Hall of Fame catchers Billy Dickey and Yogi Berra were teammates during the 1946 season. Joe DiMaggio and Mickey Mantle were teammates in 1951. Heck even Don Mattingly and Derek Jeter… Continue reading

Barnstorming Baseball: New Jersey Edition

There was no hitting combination more feared in the 1920′s then Babe Ruth and Lou Gehrig.  Pitchers would have nightmares if they had to face Ruth or Gehrig.  Babe Ruth was the sultan of swat; a man who never met a fastball he didn’t like.  Lou Gehrig was the model for baseball excellence; the heart and… Continue reading

Baseball with Matt: “Mr. What’s a Strikeout?”

Hey baseball fans!


Matt Nadel here of Baseball with Matt with some more on the history of America’s National Pastime. How many times do you think Hall of Famer Reggie Jackson struck out? The answer is 2,597, a record for most times struck out. Now how many times do you think Hall of Famer Joe… Continue reading

Baseball with Matt: Sam McDowell

Hey baseball fans!


Matt Nadel here of Baseball with Matt with some more baseball history. I know that the Indians don’t have the greatest history of producing winning pitchers, except for Bob Feller and Satchel Paige. However, there was a certain pitcher on Cleveland that was pretty good, and if he had been on a… Continue reading

Baseball Card Generations: Mickey Mantle Edition

Baseball Card Generations is a series of fictional stories that chronicle Grandpa John and his grandchildren Howard and Victoria. John was a security guard for the Yankees in the 1960′s and shares his love of baseball with his grand kids through baseball cards.

We join Grandpa John along with his grandchildren Howard and Victoria in Land… Continue reading

The Steroid Era Taking Baseball By Storm

Amid all the controversy, excitement, and astonishment about the announcement last week that no Major League Baseball player would be enshrined into the heralded Baseball Hall of Fame, one thing is for certain-cheaters will always cheat.

Professional athletes always want to be the star players. It is in their blood. It is in their veins. They… Continue reading

Pete Rose: History is Eternal

There is much discussion going around the baseball world in regards to the Baseball Hall of Fame induction. As most fans realize, no player was inducted into the Hall of Fame this year. Many sports writers chose not to vote for players due to the steroid cloud that hovers over major league baseball. Because of this… Continue reading

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