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Debra Reed: Doing it Right, Giving the Right Memories

Anyone who has played the board game Monopoly learns quickly how to recognize when Opportunity Knocks. Six months after graduating from college, Debra Sirianni found herself in the right place at the right time. At the time she had her sights set on a career in the… Continue reading

Sussex County Miners Win Their Season Opener, 4-1

This Memorial Day saw the opening game of the Sussex County Miners at the gates of Skylands Stadium. The people of northern NJ flocked to see the new team take on the New Jersey Jackals in an exciting opening game that ended with a Miners victory, 4-1.

The Miners at Skylands Stadium

The crowded stadium sat… Continue reading

The Bergenfield Baseball Program

America’s classic sport of baseball is still alive in the town of Bergenfield, NJ. Sign-ups have begun for recreational baseball and already kids are getting ready for the upcoming season. The Bergenfield program is split into three divisions with junior league covering kids ages 13 and 14, senior league for kids 15 through 16, and finally… Continue reading

New Jersey Jesters: A Paintball team devoted to Sucess both On and Off the Field

Competitive paintball has always been a popular but lesser known sport active in the tri-state area. Although many may see it as just a hobby or something to play in a backyard or sanctioned field, many form teams and play the sport at the professional level. One team, the NJ Jesters has made its mark on… Continue reading

Spartan Basketball

With snow falling and temperatures dropping, outdoor sports have come to a temporary end. However, the work is never done for recreation sports programs across the state of New Jersey as various youth indoor sports have begun. In the town of Sparta, located in Sussex County, the popularity of indoor sports such as basketball remains strong… Continue reading

The Bergenfield Challenger League

Baseball in Bergenfield is as much a tradition as it is a sport in this city, a game that is timeless and one that both children and adults alike can enjoy. For the Bergenfield Challenger League, this love of baseball is incredibly strong. The program, which is now in open enrollment, is designed to help special… Continue reading

The Bergenfield Wrestling Program

Popular youth sports in the town of Bergenfield do not just cover common games such as baseball or football, but have a following in youth wrestling as well. The Bergenfield wrestling program, which is part of the Twin-County Junior Wrestling League, and involves about 50 to 60 towns in the state on NJ, has traditionally served… Continue reading

Bergenfield Recreation Football

Big things are happening on the football fields of Bergenfield, NJ. The town’s recreational football league, an organization founded in 1957 as a public town program, has brought both its junior and senior teams into championship games. At this writing, the Bergenfield Bears were prepared to face off against Dumont in the senior division and Lodi… Continue reading

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