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Ask the Ump

Ask the Ump – Play 10

Play:With two outs and a runner on 2nd base, the batter hits a fair ball into the left-center field gap. The shortstop takes the relay from the outfielder and throws to the catcher in an attempt to nail the runner trying to score. The catcher drifts up the 3rd base line, into the path of… Continue reading

Ask the Ump – Play 9

Play:The batter swings at a third strike and, as he does, the pitch hits him square in the chest. Is the batter entitled to first base in this situation?

Ruling: The batter is not entitled to first base. Any time a pitch hits a batter, whether it bounces in the dirt first or while in… Continue reading

Ask the Ump – Play 8

Play: With bases loaded and less than two outs, the batter hits a high pop fly along the third base line that the third baseman attempts to catch. He misses the ball entirely, whereupon it hits the ground and rolls into foul territory, where he eventually picks it up. If the umpire calls the infield fly,… Continue reading

Ask the Ump – Play 7

Play: After a hitter reaches base safely, the infielder fakes taking the ball to the pitcher, keeps the ball in his glove, and goes back to the base were the runner is located. The umpire signals the pitcher to get back on the mound. The pitcher then gets on the mound, and, as he starts his… Continue reading

Ask the Ump – Play 6

Play: With bases loaded, can a batter fake that he has been hit by an inside pitch in order to deceive the fielding team, so the runner from 3rd can score? -Dean

Ruling: This is strictly a judgment situation that the home plate umpire must decide immediately. If the umpire sees that the batter has been… Continue reading

Ask the Ump – Play 5

Play: The pitch bounces in the dirt in front of home plate. If the batter swings and hits the ball fair before the catcher catches it, is it a fair ball?

Ruling: As long as the batter has not stepped outside the batter’s box to make contact with the pitch, the pitch is struck legally. The… Continue reading

Ask the Ump – Play 4

Play: Runners on 1st and 2nd with 2 outs. The batter hits a slow roller to the second baseman. The runner from 1st slows down to avoid being hit by the batted ball. In the process of trying to avoid being hit by the ball, the runner blocks the second baseman’s path to the ball. If… Continue reading

Ask the Ump – Play 3

Play: With two strikes on the batter, the pitcher delivers a curve ball that drops into the dirt as it crosses home plate, and the catcher catches the ball on a short hop. The batter does not swing at the ball. The umpire calls the batter out, looking at a called third strike. How is this… Continue reading

Ask the Ump – Play 2

Play:The batter tries to avoid being hit by an inside pitch, but the ball strikes his hand which is holding the bat. The pitched ball is not in the strike zone and the batter does not swing the bat. Is this ruled a hit batter, or a foul ball?

Ruling: This is a hit batter,… Continue reading

Ask the Ump – Play 1

Play: The center fielder, playing deep, runs far to his right to track down a hard-hit line drive in the gap, which is over his head. While still running, he gloves the ball with an acrobatic, backhanded catch. Still in the act of running, he takes five more strides, loses his balance, stumbles forward, and falls… Continue reading

Ask the Ump

“Hey, Blue, what’s the call?!?”

At a time when practically everyone, from loyal follower of youth baseball to adult weekend warrior, has an opinion about the men in blue, County Baseball introduces an interactive service that allows you, the spectator, and them, the arbiters of the game, to have the last word – or at least… Continue reading

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