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Matthew Orso

Pro Tips for Kids: with former Expos reliever, Don DeMola

Don DeMola is a former pitcher for the Montreal Expos in the mid 1970’s. He was drafted by the Yankees in the seventh round of the 1970 Amateur Draft out of South High School in Commack, New York.

“I was 18 years old when the Yankees invited me to Spring Training in 1971,” he said. Mickey… Continue reading

The Braves opt for Experience

The Atlanta Braves have reportedly signed Bartolo Colon to a one-year, $12.5 million contract. The 43-year old righty has spent the last three seasons with the Mets, posting a 44-34 record with a 3.90 ERA in 98 games—95 of which were starts.

Once thought of as a long reliever at the start of the season, Colon… Continue reading

Old New Jersey Baseball with a Vintage Appeal

The Elizabeth Resolutes, a vintage baseball club in Union County, New Jersey, is forming a new team called “The Central Base Ball Club of Plainfield, NJ.”

The Central Base Ball Club of Plainfield, NJ and the Elizabeth Resolutes are among other teams in a vintage baseball league that play by the original rules of 19th century… Continue reading

Derek Jeter begins his Historic Run: April 2nd 1996

Derek Jeter is the greatest shortstop in modern baseball history. In this, his final season, New Jersey Baseball Magazine takes a look back at one of the top moments in the career of Derek Jeter.

Derek Jeter (Courtesy of simple.wikipedia.org)

Today we look back at April 2, 1996, when Jeter makes his first big impression in… Continue reading

Tommy John speaks on Godfather of Tommy John surgery: Dr. Frank Jobe dies at 88 (EXCLUSIVE)

Dr. Frank Jobe, the man who performed the first “Tommy John” surgery, passed away on Thursday morning at the age of 88.

“He was operated on in January for ruptured diverticulitis,” said Tommy John, who did a phone interview with Sports World News on Thursday evening. “I went to see him about two weeks ago and… Continue reading

Striking out Injuries: The 2014 PBI Pitcher’s Symposium

Injuries have forever been a part of Baseball. Like it or not, players (primarily pitchers) are susceptible to injuries if they do not learn how to take care of themselves.

This is where Professional Baseball Instruction steps up to the plate.

Steve Hayward talking pitching (Courtesy of PBI)

On Wednesday, Profession Baseball Instruction, or PBI as… Continue reading

Jimmie Foxx: From Hall of Fame Hitter to unbeaten Pitcher

Jimmie Foxx (Courtesy of sabr.org)

Jimmie Foxx may have been the strongest hitter to ever play the game of baseball. He retired with 534 home runs, which at the time was second most in Major League history, only trailing the Bambino himself. His .609 career slugging percentage is fifth best in baseball history to this day.… Continue reading

How to play Defense: with St. Louis Cardinals Outfielder Jon Jay

In the next installment of our pro tips for kids series, I sat down with St. Louis Cardinals’ center fielder Jon Jay, to discuss all things baseball.

Jon Jay (Courtesy of bleacherreport.com)

Jay was drafted by the Cardinals in the 2nd round of the 2006 Major League Baseball draft. He made his Major League debut with… Continue reading

Moses Walker: The original Jackie Robinson

The American icon, Jackie Robinson accomplished feats in his lifetime that no mere mortal could comprehend. His sacrifices on and off the baseball diamond created the foundation for the Civil Rights Movement, insuring that all men were created equal, regardless of color or appearance. Indeed for the Civil Rights Movement, Jackie Robinson was the foundation.

Moses… Continue reading

How to be a Catcher: with former New York Yankee Chad Moeller

In the next installment of our Pro Tips series, we sat down with former Yankees’ catcher Chad Moeller to discuss all things baseball.

Moeller played eleven seasons in the Major Leagues as a catcher. To do so requires a balance of offensive and defensive skills. He believes catchers should be skilled in both areas.

Chad Moeller… Continue reading

How to be a great Pitcher: with 288 game winner Tommy John

In the next edition of our Pro Tips series, I sat down with former all-star pitcher Tommy John to discuss all things baseball.

Tommy John (Courtesy of bleacherreport.com)

Tommy John, known for the surgery that’s become his namesake, revealed just how slim the chances were that the surgery (Tommy John surgery) would work in the first… Continue reading

Report: Twins looking to add starting pitching

According to my sources, the Twins are looking to make a splash during the Winter Meetings by adding some big name starting pitchers.

In addition, Ken Rosenthal of Fox Sports is reporting the Twins and free agent RHP Bronson Arroyo are talking about a deal and the talks are “gaining momentum.”

Arroyo, 36, went 14-12 with… Continue reading

Report: Logan Morrison believes he’s staying in Miami

Marlins outfielder Logan Morrison, who’s drawing interest from at least ten teams, believes he’s staying with the team.

Logan Morrison (Courtesy of mlbreport.com)

Morrison said he believes the Marlins would only trade him if the team “receives a vitamix in return.” Morrison, 26, hit .242 with 6 HR in 85 games during the 2013 season. He’s… Continue reading

Rick Monday: A Veteran on and off the Field

Baseball is America’s Pastime. However America stands for much more than baseball. It stands for “life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.” When someone is able to stand up for the happiness that we all deserve, shouldn’t that person be praised? In honor of Veteran’s Day, New Jersey Baseball Magazine looks back at Rick Monday, who… Continue reading

Baseball’s Everlasting Legacy: The true story of Johnny Sylvester and Babe Ruth

1926 may seem like a long time in the past. However for Andrew Lilley, the legacy of events during the 1926 World Series has become a significant part of his families’ history. Andrew is the great nephew of Johnny Sylvester. Sylvester is known through out history as the ill young boy whom Babe Ruth promised to… Continue reading

Fenton Mole: From Fort Lee to the Yankees and beyond!

New Jersey has a rich tradition filled with baseball history. Hoboken featured the first professional baseball game. Babe Ruth and Lou Gehrig would compete against one another in semipro leagues here. Even the great Derek Jeter was born in New Jersey. Those are some of the well known stories fans know and appreciate. Yet there are… Continue reading

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