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Westside Park, Paterson 4-23-16– 2 Games 1864 Rules

As it was played last year at the same location, the day began with light rain and some doubt about the possibility of the clubs to play the day’s games. However, a local farmer provided valuable insight as to the future of the day based on his observations of his cows and right he was.

Although other local teams postponed their matches, the Gotham and Atlantic Base Ball Clubs began just after 11 AM at Westside Park. The Gotham club put out a mixture of veteran and first time players. Veterans Stacks and Flytrap back on the field for Gotham and players like Licks, Cosmo and Phil for their first date with the club.

The Atlantics struck with three aces early and Gotham tallied an ace to match. It was clear that the Atlantics came ready to play hard. The Gotham club was repeatedly denied home plate with a number of runners crossing home as the third hand went down. The Atlantics however continued to pound hits to both the left field and right field alleys. Left field at Westside Park has a particular arrangement of fences where a ball down the line can be an indirect route for the left fielder. Flytrap and Cricket were the only two Gotham players with two hits and Flytrap scored the lone Gotham ace of the first match. The defensive highlight was Dapper Dan and Cosmo turning a handy double play on a ground ball left of second base.

The second match saw Gotham field a depleted lineup with three injuries and other players departing for prior commitments. But the match proved to be slightly more competitive. Stacks, the longtime veteran with a badly strained leg pitched all nine frames impressively. Other Gothams were either playing out of position or for the first time at that position. The Atlantics clearly had both matches well under control during the day. However, it was made clear by Gotham players that the losses would be returned to the Brooklyn club soon enough.

Many thanks to the Paterson Historical Society and the efforts to restore Hinchliff Stadium. Huzzah!

Gotham’s next game is on May 14th. The Atlantics have a multi team event in Smithtown on 4/30-5/1

Game 1 – Final tally: Gothams 1, Atlantics 22

Licks C, 1-4, sb, 3o

Dan SS, 0-3, 3o

Bugs P, 0-3, 3o

Sleepy CF, 0-3,3o

Flytrap 1B, 2-3, 4sb, 1a, 1o

Stacks 3B, 0-2,2o

Phil RF, 1-3, 2sb, 2o

Cricket 2B, 2-3, sb, 2o

Stryker 3B, 0-3,3o

Cosmo 2B, 1-3, 2o

Zimm CF, 1-3, 2o

Pinto RF, 0-1

Game 2 – Final tally: Gothams 2, Atlantics 17

Bugs SS, 2-5, 3o

Flytrap LF, 2-5, 2sb, 3o

Phil 2B, 1-5, 4o

Cricket 1B, 1-4, 4o

Cosmo 2B, 0-2, 2o

Zimm CF, 1-4, sb, 3o

AJ C, 1-4, 1a, 3o

Stacks P, 2-4, sb2b, 1a, 2o

Pinto RF, 0-1

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