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Governors Island, New York 8-29-15 – 2 Games 1864 Rules

    Game 1

Dry and sunny conditions on the island this past weekend. But temperatures were cooler and more manageable than the previous date. Hence both games spanned the full nine frames. It was Gotham that got out to an early lead in the match on aces from Scratch, Joe Ivy and Flash. The Mutuals evened the score in the fourth frame. There might have been more aces from the Mutuals except for Gotham’s strong throwing catcher Scratch, quick pitching Spyder and sure hands of Joe Ivy coming over from short. Gotham stopped four base runners attempting to steal second base, twice ending frames with the outs. Joe Ivy was the big hitter for Gotham with 3 two base hits and three aces. But the last three frames produced two aces from each team and in the ninth Gotham was only able to produce a single ace on a 2 base strike from the Russ of the Bog Iron Boys who was hired for the day from the Allaire Village team in NJ. After the match, Gotham’s manager Bugs attempted to bribe the Mutual’s hurler Big Bat between games but the Mutual’s manager countered with a change at the pitching position for the second match. Final tally: Gotham 6, Mutuals 8.

Mutuals competing against the Gothams

Cricket LF, 2-5, 4o
Scratch C, 1-4, 2b, 1a, 3o
Joe Ivy SS, 3-4, 3(2b), 3 sb, 3a, 1o
Flash 1B, 2-4, 2b, sb, 2o
Spyder P, 2-4, 2b, sb, 2o
Bugs CF, 1-4, 3o
Stryker 3B, 2-4, 2o
Russ RF, 2B, 2-4, 1a, sb, 2o
Hanky 2B, 1-4, 3o
Mason RF, 1-2, 1o

Gotham 301 010 011
Mutuals 100 311 011

    Game 2

The second match erupted with Grant, Flash, Mason and Bugs all scoring in the first frame. Three more aces from Gotham in the third but the Mutuals tallied 4 to counter and the teams were nearly tied 7-6. Both teams settled in and their defenses stiffened. Mutual runners continued to be pressured on the bases having runners thrown out at third and again at second on a fine defensive play by Spyder at the SS position. The Gothams were employing four new players this game and they were productive both with the bat and in the field. The last six frames saw only two Mutuals reach third base. One reached with no hands down and remained stranded on two foul tips to the Gotham catcher and a weakly hit fly to third. Gotham added two more aces from Bugs on stolen bases and Books (Muffin) on sharp base running and a balk call. The Mutuals threatened again late in the game with a long strike to left. Bending just foul of the flag though it was young Cricket who was able to run the ball down from behind on the bound to retire the batter. Final tally: Gotham 9, Mutuals 6.

Mutuals v. Gothams

Grant 3B, 1-4, 2sb, 1a, 3o
Spyder SS, 2-4, 3sb, 1a, 2o
Scratch C, 1-4, sb, 1a, 3o
Flash 1B, 2-4, 3b, sb, 2a, 2o
Mason RF, 1-4, 3sb, 1a, 3o
Bugs P, 2-4, 3sb, 2o
Hanky 1B, 2-4, sb, 2o
Slick CF, 2-3, 1o
Painter 2B, 0-3, 3o
Books RF, 1-3, 1a, 2o
Russ 2B, 2-3, sb, 1a, 1o
Cricket LF, 0-3, 3o

Gotham 403 010 100
Mutuals 114 000 000

The NY Gothams and the NY Mutuals taking a group photo.

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