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Old New Jersey Baseball with a Vintage Appeal

The Elizabeth Resolutes, a vintage baseball club in Union County, New Jersey, is forming a new team called “The Central Base Ball Club of Plainfield, NJ.”

The Central Base Ball Club of Plainfield, NJ and the Elizabeth Resolutes are among other teams in a vintage baseball league that play by the original rules of 19th century baseball.

“This is a historically factual club that played in Plainfield, NJ in the 1870s,” said Daniel Marcus, a player for the Elizabeth Resolutes. “We are currently looking for ball players to fill our roster for the 2016 season.”

The Elizabeth Resolutes (Courtesy of elizabethresolutes.com)

Fans from across the country can appreciate the historical significance of baseball. Watching teams such as the Elizabeth Resolutes play can take fans on a time-traveling journey to witness how baseball was played in her days. It’s built based on passion of players who played for the love of the game, not the multimillion dollar contracts of the modern era. Fans are given the chance to see how baseball was played during her maiden voyage, but with a modern view.

As a writer and avid baseball fan, I would implore all fans to check out “The Central Base Ball Club of Plainfield N.J, as well as the Elizabeth Resolutes. They are a treasure all baseball fans, young and old, can enjoy for generations to come!

The Central Base Ball Club of Plainfield N.J is looking for players for the 2016 season. If you love the game of baseball and want to be on the ground floor of an amazing project, then this is the team for you! Prospective players can get more information by contacting Daniel Marcus at Dmarcus917@aol.com or the Captain of the Elizabeth Resolutes, Paul Salomone at paulquickstep@aol.com.

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