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Zack Hample: The Ballhawk

Now how, out of all the people, did ballhawk, Zack Hample catch Alex Rodriguez’s 3000th hit which was a home run? This is a question that I have been asking myself as Hample seems to be a magnet for baseballs.

Zack Hample, a baseball enthusiast, caught A-Rod’s 3000th hit at Yankee Stadium on June 19th. Initially, he declined to give it back.

“I have never sold a ball in my life and I’m not prepared to give one up now,” Hample stated in an interview.

After two weeks of negotiating, Hample agreed to give A-Rod his 3,000th hit baseball during a press conference at Yankee Stadium. In return, the Yankees donated $150,000 to Pitch In For Baseball, a charity that Hample has supported for quite sometime for their services to underprivileged communities. On top of that, he received several other perks from the Yankees organization.

If you don’t know Hample, get to know him as you will be hearing a lot about this guy in the future. Hample is what we call, in the modern day, a “ballhawk.” This is a person who attends ballgames and does whatever it takes to get a souvenir baseball. Helping his cause to support why he has so many baseballs, Hample has attended hundreds of MLB games since the 1990s.

Zack Hample posing with his baseball collection (Courtesy of en.wikipedia.org)

In the picture above, Hample poses with one of the many piles of baseballs he has collected from games whether it’s a foul ball, a home run ball or a ball from warmups during the pregame.

Hample, a season ticket holder for the NY Yankees, has written bestseller books about how to snag your first MLB ball. His books have countless tips such as speaking the basics of other languages to communicate with players of different nationalities. Hample has earned an enormous reputation around the MLB that has helped him gain the much needed popularity for him to continue doing what he loves, ball-hawking.

Check out his website: www.zackhample.com

Please order his book, I have read my share of Zack Hample stories and so should you.

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