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Gothams in Patterson | Westside Park, Paterson 6-6-15 – 2 Games 1864 Rules

The early hours of the day threatened to rain on the event. But at Paterson’s Westside Park the park staff, the food vendor and the Gothams set up for a match with the Brooklyn Atlantics. The site is not far from the Great Falls and Hinchliff Stadium built in 1932 and home field for the Negro League team the New York Black Yankees. Players like Josh Gibson, Cool Papa Bell and Hall of Famer, Larry Doby.

But the day was set aside for base ball in its most basic form the 1864 game, the last year of the bounded ball. The Atlantics showed up in their traditional fashion early and in full force. Gotham on the other hand had a mixture of players, some veteran, some new and some very new to the vintage game.

First pitch was thrown out by the honorable Mayor Jose “Joey” Torres and the day’s events were ordered to commence by event coordinator extraordinaire Kelly Ruffel of the Division of Historic Preservation. In both games there was spirited play on the part of both teams. Atlantian strikes by Brooklyn as expected backed up by the Hurler Tuna and the stalwarts, “The Dirty Pirate”, “Horse” and “Dream” in the field. For the Gotham club it was “Coach” with quick pitching and defensive gems by the muffin outfielders. The surprise of the day was the young Gotham “Cricket” who challenged the Brooklyn outfielders with sharp hitting into the gaps. But it was the Brooklyn club which emerged victorious in both contests. Players saluted the fans and then each other with a hearty “hip hip huzzah” at the end of the match, shook hands and vowed to meet once more later this season. Both clubs will be traveling to Gettysburg, PA for the July tournament at Schroeders Farm where 17 teams will meet on the 18th and 19th of July for two days of base ball in vintage fashion.

Last year both Generals Robert E. Lee and Ulysses S. Grant were present and seated side by side for the games. Come out and share the event with the Gothams as a player or a fan!

Final tally, Game 1: Gotham 4, Atlantics 12

Dan CF, 0-4, 4o

Matt LF, 2-4, 1a, 3o

Sleepy 1B, 3-5, sb, 3b, 2b, 2o

Wickets SS, 0-5, 5o

Coach P, 0-3, 3o

Stryker 3B, 2-3, 2sb, 2a, 1o

Bugs C, 1-3, 2o

Cricket 2B, 2-3, sb, 3b, 2o

Choochoo RF, 1-3, 1a, 2o

Pinto RF, 0-2, 2o

Gotham 000 011 110
Atlantics 721 120 00x

Final tally, Game 2: Gotham 9, Atlantics 21

Dan CF, 1-4, 1a, 2o, 2sb

Matt LF, 1-4, 3o

Sleepy 1B, 3-4, 3sb, 3b, 2b, 3a

Wickets SS, 2-4, 2sb, 1a, 1o

Coach P, 2-4, 2sb, 1a, 2o

Stryker 3B, 1-4, sb, 1a, 2o

Bugs C, 3-4, sb, 2b, 1a, 1o

Cricket 2B, 2-3, bb, 4sb, 1a, 2o

Splinter RF, 0-4, 4o

Gotham 211 011 111
Atlantics 632 240 40x

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