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The Dragon’s Lair: Sports, Video Games and Comics

Every year the newest baseball, football, hockey, and other various sports videogames are paraded across the TV bringing attention to the latest interactive games with updated rosters and new features. Not everyone runs out to buy the newest games however; some prefer to dust off their Nintendo systems dating back from more than 20 years. At The Dragon’s Lair in Newton NJ, customers can find a line of sports games that have long faded from the memories of most people.

Tom Pampalone, co-owner of The Dragon’s Lair (Courtesy of Chris Masucci)

“We have been stocking old videogames and classic consoles for over eight months now, and people have been very interested in them,” said Tom Pampalone, co-owner of The Dragon’s Lair.

“In general, old sports games don’t sell well unless they are very memorable or rare, people also like sports games that were endorsed by a popular athlete such as Mike Tyson, Michael Jordan and Shaq.”

Classic video game, Ken Griffey Jr. Presents Major League Baseball

The store, which mainly specializes in comic books and traditional tabletop games, has generated an immense amount of interest in the classic videogame market by purchasing and stocking old consoles from Nintendo, Sega and Sony. Occasionally classic sports videogames such as old Madden NFL cartridges and more obscure titles such as Ken Griffey Jr. Presents Major League Baseball make it to the store shelves.

“Nostalgia plays a big part in this market, many customers have game collections or are starting one and would like to find games they played years ago,” said Pampalone.

“The games that sell for large amounts of money are the ones that have a high demand with collectors.”

Classic video game from the 1980s, “Mike Tyson’s Punch-Out!!”

While the dated nature of many old games may drive younger customers away, many gaming veterans seek out rare or memorable titles from the sports genre such as Michael Jordan’s Chaos in the Windy City. Pampalone has recently come across a complete in box copy of Mike Tyson’s Punch-Out!!, a game which has gained a presence in modern pop-culture.

“We hold tournaments and carry consoles, games and accessories, I would love to see people take part in playing the old classic games that shaped the types of products we use now,” said Pampalone.

“People have always enjoyed sports on the field, now they can enjoy them on a vintage Super Nintendo.”

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