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“How To” be an effective Pitcher: With Houston Astros’ starter Bud Norris

In the installment of our “Pro Tips” series, we sat down with Houston Astros pitcher Bud Norris to discuss all things baseball.

Bud Norris Pitching (Courtesy of blogchron.jpg)

Bud’s favorite pitch to throw is the fastball because he can generate a lot of speed with the pitch. However speed isn’t everything as Bud explained. “Locating the fastball is extremely helpful” he said. Bud believes in the art of pitching. Even though he can throw a fast fastball, Bud believes it’s better to locate the pitch so batters can’t hit it.


Another thing Bud stressed was PFP. PFP (known as pitcher’s fielding practice) is “very important”according to Bud. He said “practice will help pitchers work on their agility and quick movements. It’s important to learn the fundamentals like turning double plays and practicing bunt defense.” It’s hard to argue with Bud considering his track record as a major league pitcher.


Bud Norris made his Major League debut on July 29th 2009 with the Houston Astros. He calls it the“favorite moment of his career”because “I made my Major League debut at Wrigley Field in front of my family.” That debut is just the beginning for Bud. In just over 3 full major league seasons, Norris has averaged 8.8 strikeouts per nine innings. Many batters consider his fastball to be deadly. At age 28, hitters will have plenty of years to fear the pitching skills of Bud Norris.


Bud also has had some funny moments as big league player. In 2009, his teammates “stole” his car and put it out in center field. The car (a 1997 Acura TL) was sitting right in the middle of batting practice, getting plunked by many baseballs. This was Bud’s “welcome to the big leagues” moment.


I asked Bud what the most important advice he could give to a youth player. He said players have to “go have fun and learn the fundamentals.” That was the one thing Bud continually stressed during the interview. He feels that baseball players need to learn the fundamentals in order to succeed at the big league level. New Jersey Baseball Magazine thanks Mr. Norris for his time and hopes that he will continue to succeed in the Major Leagues. 

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