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“How To” be a Leader: With former Twins’ Pitcher Frankie Rodriguez

 In the next installment of our “Pro Tips” series, I sat down with former Major League pitcher Frankie Rodriguez to discuss all things baseball.

Frankie Rodriguez (Courtesy of baseballalmanac.com)

Frankie is a self determined individual. He told me “ The only person that every really inspired me was the person in my mirror. In the end you will get out what you out in. I my friend, put in some time/blood/sweat and tears, that’s the only reason I reached my goal.”That’s how Frankie was able to reach the big leagues. He worked hard every step of the way.

Mr. Rodriguez pitched in the Major Leagues from 1995-2001 with the Minnesota Twins, Boston Red Sox, Seattle Mariners, and Cincinnati Reds. He mostly pitched as a reliever during his seven year big league career, but was used as a starter. In fact in 1996 while with the Twins, Frankie won 13 games and pitched more than 200 innings. As a big leaguer, Frankie was known for his fierce spirit and competitive drive. Even since his retirement in 2001, Frankie has kept his competitive drive as a coach.

I asked Mr. Rodriguez about his transition from player to coach. He told me “My transition from a MLB player to coach was simple. I love the game and love to share all my knowledge with today’s youth.” Frankie loves coaching and feels that coaching the person is more important than coaching the ballplayer saying “I end every meeting/practice/game with a favorite phrase of mine”: “It’s not what you do when people are watching that counts. It’s what you do when you’re alone that defines the person you are and will become.” Ever since his retirement, Frankie has made it his mission to help the guide the future of the world.

Mr. Rodriguez takes great pride in helping others. I wondered what tips he could offer to youth baseball players and he told me “The only advice anyone can give a kid or any aged person would be to “put in 100% if you want to even have a chance at reaching your dream or your potential.”

New Jersey Baseball Magazine thanks Mr. Rodriguez for his time and efforts in teaching life lessons to young men and women across the country! 

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