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Baseball with Matt: Tim Salmon

Hey baseball fans!


Matt Nadel here of Baseball with Matt with some more of the history of America’s Pastime. Did you know that the Angels won the World Series in seven games in 2002 against the Giants? Well, if you didn’t, you just learned something new. Here’s another fun fact about the 2002 Angels: that championship would have never happened without Tim Salmon.


Tim Salmon (courtesy of twitter.com)

From 1992-2006 with the California/ Los Angeles Angels (didn’t play in ’05 due to injury), Tim Salmon was a fan favorite, which would explain why he was nicknamed “Mr. Angel”. And I don’t blame those Angels for loving him because he was a great player. The 1993 Rookie of the Year winner batted .282 in his career with 299 homers and 1,016 RBIs. His best season was probably in 2002, when he batted .286, hit 22 homers and knocked in 88 runs en route to leading the Angels to their first World championship.


Although he didn’t make an All Star Game, Salmon was a very good player. Funny, Tim Salmon and Mike Trout are probably among the most famous Angels of all time and they both have fish-related last names. I wouldn’t be surprised to see someone from the Rangers organization change his last name to Fisherman. Anyway, thanks for reading this post and I hope you enjoyed it. Check back soon for more of “all the buzz on what wuzz.”

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