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Respect the Game: This Manager should never coach again!

 I was reading some sports articles today wondering if there was any exciting news about baseball. Well I found an article and quite frankly the content of the piece sickened me to no end.

Coaches should only yell in MLB (Image courtesy of hubages.com)

Apparently in Ocean County (according to NJ.com), a little league manager (10-12 year old players) hit a 17 year old umpire in the face for ejecting him from a game. The manager was arrested at his house and taken to prison.

This is unacceptable and shouldn’t be tolerated by anyone. Coaches for youth sports are supposed to set an example. Kids should be learning about honor, pride and having a hard work ethic from coaches; not witnesses their coach commit a crime.

The good news is that the umpire did not require medical attention. However this shouldn’t have happened in the first place. A 17 year old umpire is not going to eject a coach unless the coach was acting up. This “role model” (using the term loosely) acted inappropriately and was ejected from the game as a result. He should’ve left the game quietly and not made a scene. This isn’t the Major Leagues; it’s little league baseball. These kids deserve better than this moron who was coaching the team.

These are 10, 11, and 12 year old kids. They need coaches to set the right example. For a coach to act so inappropriately is a disgrace to the game of baseball and the badge of honor a coach is supposed to wear. Kids play baseball for the thrill of competition and the passion of the game. They don’t deserve to witness such disturbing behavior by their “mentor and leader.”

The coach (Thomas Murphy) should not be allowed to coach for a long time. His arrogance and disrespect dishonors the central mission of little league baseball. Little League is meant to bring children together in the spirit and competition of baseball. With his actions, Thomas Murphy has brought a black eye to little league baseball. The 17 year old umpire deserves better, the kids deserve better and the great game of baseball deserves better!

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