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Thoughts and Prayers for North Vallejo Little League

Normally New Jersey Baseball Magazine does not mention outside baseball issues that don’t effect New Jersey in any way. However we would like to extend our thoughts and prayers to the North Vallejo Little League program in California.


North Vallejo Little League Logo (Courtesy of logopond.com)

There was a shooting involved between parents of the children playing in the league. Police are currently looking for one of the parents for questioning.


North Vallejo Little League Vice President Calvin Wells has decided to cancel the rest of the season for the safety of the players. The suspect is still at large and has he put it it’s better to lose a season than a child.”


Adult issues should never get in the way of children playing the game they love. The North Vallejo Little League program has been a main stay in California Little League for forty-nine years. New Jersey Baseball Magazine would like to extend our thoughts and prayers to the North Vallejo Little League program. We hope the children will safely be able to get back on the field soon!

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