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“How To” be a Pitcher: With Kansas City Royals Pitcher Jeremy Guthrie

In the next installment of our “Pro Tips” series, I sat down with Kansas City Royals pitcher Jeremy Guthrie to discuss all things baseball.

Jeremy Guthrie pitching (Courtesy of cbssports.com)

Jeremy has played nine seasons of Major League Baseball and knows a lot about how the game operates. He told me how important college was to his development as a pitcher. In an era where many players are drafted out of high school, Jeremy told me “Achieving grades in classroom gave me chance to attend college where I was able to dramatically improve as a pitcher. I would have never gotten to where I am today w/o having pitched in college & developed that foundation & maturity.”


As a pitcher Guthrie throws a fastball, change up, curve ball and slider. I asked him how long it takes to master these pitches as a player and he told me this“is a never ending process. I have to constantly work on the execution of each pitch.”


Jeremy Guthrie is a hard working man who strives to be the best in everything he does. As such, Jeremy works hard in preparing for a game. Jeremy told me the drills he’ll work on includes “fielding GB’s, bunt coverages & plays, pick off moves & controlling running game. Most importantly, on pitching”.


Jeremy’s hard work ethic and ability has translated to on field success. He was considered the ace of the Baltimore Orioles from 2008-2010. Jeremy averaged over 10 wins per season and threw an average of 200 innings a year. That is the true baseball definition of a work horse. With all that success, it’s hard to choose a favorite career moment, but Jeremy did have one. He told me that his favorite career moment was “playing for team USA in 2009 in WBC (World Baseball Classic) alongside future hall of famers & games’ biggest stars.

As a player who has made the Major Leagues, Jeremy Guthrie can provide a great deal of advice for younger players. He firmly believes that kids should go to school saying “Work hard in school. The reasons are that if you achieve grades in classroom, you open opportunity for other things in life that can make you better rounded & take pressure off relying solely on playing baseball.” That is great advice from a man who has been a youth player and worked hard to make his dreams a reality.


Jeremy Guthrie (Courtesy of prosportsblogging.com)

New Jersey Baseball Magazine thanks Mr. Guthrie for his time and hopes he has a great season with the Kansas City Royals!

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