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Bergenfield Opening Day 2012: Where Baseball is at the Heart of the Matter

There are only 32 Major League Baseball teams in the country.  Not every state or town gets to go to opening day on the Major League level.  Yet there are teams that still represent our greatest dreams in baseball.  Our dreams that led us to pick up a bat and ball for the first time and take the field; those dreams can be seen every season in every town.  Bergenfield, New Jersey is no different and baseball is brought to us every single season by our greatest gift; our children.

Bergenfield held its annual opening day to commemorate the start of the 2012 Little League Season on Saturday, April 14th at Memorial Park.  There were many kids, ages 5-12 who had a determination in their eyes that day.  Whether it was the five year-olds who were competing in games for the first time, or the twelve year-old veterans rearing back for another season of competition, spectators could just tell that there was magic in the air.

Bergenfield Little LeagueThe ceremonies started at 10:00 am and everyone was gearing up for a great day.  The parents looked on as their sons and daughters were called by the PA announcer onto the field for the National Anthem and ceremonial first pitch.  As each team was called to the field, tears were welling up in the eyes of proud family members.  They looked on in amazement as their children were getting ready to continue the tradition of playing America’s pastime.

Another Season in the Bergenfield Sun

Another Season in the Bergenfield Sun

Once every team was called onto the field, our national anthem was sung.  All people removed their hats in glory to represent what our country truly stands for.  The pride of America was at the Little League Opening Day in Bergenfield that day.  You could see former war veterans reminiscing about the days when they protected the life and liberty our country stands for.  We as American citizens should be eternally grateful for their sacrifices.  At the very least, I was proud to share this great opening day with them.

There were many vendors on hand to share and celebrate in the festivities.  Besides New Jersey Baseball Magazine, there were also appearances from the Newark Bears baseball team and the Cal Ripken World Series program.  Both professional organizations are dedicated in promoting and helping to spread the great game of baseball throughout the world.

When the ceremonial first pitch was thrown at 12:00 noon, baseball had officially begun in Bergenfield.  The 2012 season promises to be another great year of competition, pride and honor in the perennial world of Little League Baseball. NJB Magazine congratulates all the teams, coaches, players, and parents on starting another terrific season and representing the great game of baseball and our country to the best of their abilities.

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