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Public Address Announcements

For Use At Home Events

1. Good evening, (Name of school) welcomes you to {name of stadium/field/ gymnasium) for tonight’s game. We remind you that interscholastic events are an extension of the classroom, and that lessons are best learned when the proper respect is accorded to all. Please, let your good sportsmanship show during the game. And now let’s meet the starting lineups…

2. Good evening, {Name of school) welcomes you to (name of school) for tonight’s game. One of the goals of high school athletics is teaching lifetime values. Sportsmanship is one such value that makes these games an educational experience. Remember to sport A Winning Attitude! And now, let’s meet the starting lineups…

(After lineups are introduced – introduce officials)

3. The officials for tonight’s game are (name of official), and (name of official). These individuals are registered by the New Jersey State High School Athletic Association. Their experience and integrity qualify them to administer the rules of the game. An attitude of good sportsmanship should be upheld by all spectators, players and coaches, no matter what their personal feelings or loyalties may be in this contest.

(For use during breaks in action)

4. Admission to an interscholastic event is a privilege, and with that privilege comes responsibility-responsibility to conduct oneself in a manner where the game is enjoyable for other fans and participants. (Name of school) reminds you to Sport A Winning Attitude!-on the court/field and in the stands.

5. We often take a temper-tantrum by an athlete or coach on television for granted. This act of poor sportsmanship overshadows the game because it sets a losing example. (Name of school) reminds to Sport A Winning Attitude! -on the court/field and in the stands.

Sportsmanship: Pre-Game Announcements

6. This game is being played according to the rules of the New Jersey State High School Athletic Association. These rules provide for fair competition among players. spectators can help promote good sportsmanship by observing the rules of fair play. Each one is requested to take personal responsibility for keeping this game at a high level of good sportsmanship.

7. We are pleased to welcome you this evening to (name of school) High School. promoting good sportsmanship is one of the primary purposes of the High School Interscholastic Athletic program. Our athletes recognize that judgment calls are made in good faith and that they must abide by the decisions of the officials. Spectators can support their High School Interscholastic Athletic program by refraining from derogatory or intemperate remarks or cheers. We hope you will enjoy the game and support your athletes in a positive and sportsmanlike manner.


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